Protect Penalty Rates

Without our weekends, Australia wouldn’t be the same place. We would lose precious time with family and friends. It’s important to have this valuable social time to maintain healthy relationships.

How do you use your weekend? Footy, a BBQ, quality time with the kids? In retail and fast food outlets, weekend work is often required, so being compensated for losing this personal time is important to workers who are affected.  

Coalition governments in Sydney and Canberra are now pushing to cut penalty rates for those who work in retail, restaurants and hospitality. Encouraged by business, they say that the weekend is ‘largely out-dated’. They don’t believe that you deserve to be compensated for losing out on time with family or friends. Cutting out weekend penalty rates would also strip hundreds of dollars from many of Australia’s lowest-paid workers, who rely on this money to pay bills.

To support the campaign or find out more information, visit the Protect Penalty Rates website.

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