Delegate of the Month: Caitlin


Meet Caitlin from Coles Muswellbrook - she's our Delegate of the Month for November!


Caitlin is a busy mum with three small children.

She has been an active member of the SDA since 2015 and stepped up to become a Delegate in 2019.

We asked Caitlin about her role as a Delegate and here's what she had to say...


Why did you become a Delegate?


I wanted to help my team with issues that crop up in the workplace and make sure they always get their entitlements.


What campaigns have you been involved with and why are they important?


I ran a campaign in my store to prevent us trading on Easter Sunday. This was important because we rarely get a break and we all believe that family is the most important thing. I rallied the troops and now the store does not trade on Easter Sunday which is an excellent result for us.


What do you aim to achieve in your workplace in the next 12 months?


Recently I identified an underpayment issue for a colleague. Over the next few months I will work to make sure this is not happening more widely.

Also customer bullying has been an issue in our store, I worked with the team to get management to issue a banning notice in one case. Coming into the busy end of year period I want to make sure that all staff are protected from customer abuse.


What do you get most out of your role as a Delegate?


I love being part of something bigger – where people join together to create a collective voice. There is definitely strength in numbers.


Thank you Caitlin, for being a leader in your workplace!

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