Change the Government to Change the Rules

Australians are not getting a fair go. The rules are broken.

On 18 May, 2019 we need to change the government to change the rules.

Under the current government:

  • Penalty rates are being cut in awards;
  • it is harder to get fair pay rises through bargaining;
  • wage theft and the underpayment of superannuation is rampant; and
  • jobs are less secure because of labour hire and casualisation.

To restore a fair go for working Australians we need to change the government to change the rules.


Restore Penalty Rates

Many working Australians rely on penalty rates to make ends meet.

Labor has committed to restoring higher Sunday penalty rates within 100 days of being elected.

Many of the current Coalition MPs including Scott Morrison are in favour of further cuts to penalty rates, cutting the take home pay of working Australians.


Fair Pay Rises

The cost of living is going up, but our wages are not.

Labor has committed to supporting fairer bargaining laws which would make it easier to negotiate fairer pay rises. They have also committed to fix industry awards to allow for fairer pay rises.


Higher Job Security

Australia now has one of the highest casual workforces in the world and worker’s rights are being stripped back. Labour has committed to the following:

  • Employers will be required to pay labour hire workers the same pay as their own employees;
  • have a national labour hire licensing scheme;
  • stopping sham contracting with ABNs;
  • increasing the number of apprentices;
  • ending the uncapped temporary working visa system by requiring proper labour market testing of labour needs; and
  • properly defining casual work.

The Coalition government has not promised any of these to provide more secure jobs.


Wage theft and fairer superannuation

Labour has committed to increasing the penalties on big businesses for wage theft. Wage theft is on the rise and the Coalition is doing nothing to protect workers.


Tax reform

Negative Gearing

Currently 50% of negative gearing tax breaks go to the top 20% of households.

Labor Policy:

If you already use negative gearing, nothing changes.

And negative gearing will still be available for people who invest in new houses. The changes will only apply for future investment properties which are not new houses.


Franking Credits and Dividend Imputation

The Howard government changed the system in 2000 to allow individuals who pay no income tax at all to now cash in these franking credits and get a “refund” payment from the tax office. So, these people pay no tax but get a cash handout from the government disguised as a tax refund.

Labor Policy:

Labor has promised to end this unfair rort. Under Labor’s announced plan pensioners are not affected – no-one will pay a single more cent tax, or lose a single cent from their super, pension or share dividends.

Labor’s changes only affect 5% of people, 80% who have more than $1 Million in Super.


Income Tax

Coalition Policy:

The Liberal/National Coalition wants to cut taxes for high income earners so that very wealthy only pay the same tax rate as lower income earners.

Labor Policy:

Labor’s policy includes tax cuts for 10 million working Australians.

Everyone earning less than $125,000 a year will receive a bigger tax cut under Labor compared to the Coalition. More than four million people will be better off by $398 a year compared to the Coalition.


Have your say on Election Day

It is your choice who you vote for.

You have the voice and the power to change the rules.

We need to change the government to change the rules and give a fair go back to working Australians. We encourage all members to vote for fairness at work and for a fairer tax system.







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