General Retail Industry

If you work in the retail industry the SDA is your union.

The Australian retail industry employs approximately 1.2 million workers.  The industry is diverse and covers the sale or hire of goods or services to final consumers for personal, household or business consumption, including:

·    Food retailing, supermarkets, grocery stores;
·    department stores, clothing and soft goods retailing;
·    furniture, housewares and appliance retailing;
·    recreational goods retailing;
·    personal and household goods retailing;
·    household equipment repair services;
·    bakery shops, where the predominant activity is baking products for sale on the premises
·    customer information and assistance provided by shopping centres or retail complexes;
·    labour hire employees engaged to perform work in the industry; and
·    newspaper delivery drivers employed by a newsagent.

Most employees who work in the industry are covered by the General Retail Industry Award 2010, unless your employer or workplace has an Enterprise Agreement.

The Award, in conjunction with the National Employment Standards provides the minimum terms and conditions and employment for work performed in the industry.

If you work in a retail establishment, the Award covers almost every type of work performed in the shop, including:

·    Shop Assistant,
·    Clerical Assistant or Officer,
·    Check-out Operator,
·    Store Worker,
·    Reserve Stock Hand,
·    Driver,
·    Window Dresser,
·    Loss Prevention Officer,
·    Photographic Employee,
·    Store Greeter,
·    Assembler,
·    Ticket Writer,
·    Trolley Collector,
·    Video Hire Worker,
·    Telephone Order Salesperson,
·    Door-to-door Salesperson, or Retail Outdoor Salesperson,
·    Demonstrator and/or Merchandiser,
·    Forklift or Ride on Machine Operator,
·    Designated Second in charge
·    Senior Salesperson,
·    Corsetiere,
·    Driver Selling Stock,
·    Cook in a cafeteria,
·    Supervisor/Leader,
·    A tradesperson including Butcher, Baker, Pastry Cook, Florist,
·    A Qualified Auto Parts and Accessories Salesperson,
·    Section/Department Manager,
·    Manager/Duty Manager,
·    Assistant or Deputy or 2IC Shop Manager,
·    Visual Merchandiser, or
·    Shop Manager.

Many workers in the industry are covered by Enterprise Agreements which have been negotiated by the SDA with retailers.

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