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The Union has partnered with a number of driving schools to offer discounted driving lessons.                                                                                                                            

Learning to drive with one of these qualified driving instructors for one hour gives you a credit of three hours in your driving log book. By taking advantage of the three-hour credit scheme, you will not only increase your driving hours, but will be taught by a qualified instructor and also get a discount!

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 All Areas



Learning to drive can be daunting. You have to gain 120 logbook hours, master all the skills and pass the driving test. Trent Driving School offers driving lessons and also the Safer Driving Course to students in Newcastle, The Lower hunter, Lake Macquarie and on the Central Coast. SDA members will receive a 10% discount on each lesson when producing your SDA membership card. Please call (02) 8748 4500 to book. 


Central Coast Area


Financial SDA members and their children receive $25 off the standard rate for five lessons! ABC Central Coast provides logbook guidance, test preparation, aged test and training, and can also offer a discount on heavy-vehicle training.

More ABC students have passed their licence test first-time than any other driving school in Australia. ABC is Australian-owned and operated. Call 02 4351 6477 or visit their website for your discounted lessons.

 Newcastle Area

SDA members in Newcastle, receive a 10% discount off regular driving lessons and 20% discount off defensive driving!

Defensive driving is not driving slowly - it's driving on your guard and being ready to take evasive action immediately. Defensive driving involves techniques such as checking over your shoulder when changing lanes, covering your brake when approaching dangerous situations in traffic, as well as many other techniques that will keep you and your passengers safe. By learning how to be a defensive driver, you'll be prepared for a worst-case scenario and respond spontaneously to pre-learned safety drills.

Phil Burns' passion is teaching defensive driving. He has gone the extra mile and studied the driving behaviour of young adults in Australia and overseas. Phil has been a commercial driving instructor for more than 21 years. He is also a TAFE qualified trainer/assessor and he has been a telephone counsellor for Lifeline.

With some horror, Phil has studied the alarming statistics for teenagers worldwide in regard to death and serious injury in motor vehicle accidents. He has discovered some enlightening facts as to why the accident rate is so high in  this particular age group, that is 17-20 year olds.

"I want my students to be as safe as possible after they pass their driving test. Often when young adults get their provisional licence, that taste of freedom is a little overwhelming, which can lead to accidents. So as well as assisting them to get through the test, I also teach them defensive driving techniques so that they have a greater chance of survival. I paint a very clear picture of how dangerous it is, driving on Newcastle roads."

For more information and your discount visit the website or call (02) 4953 9293/ 0413 694 569

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