Advisory Services


Our Advisory services include:


Workers Compensation Advice and Protection


Being injured at work can be an extremely stressful time for an employee.

Make sure that you reach out for assistance if you are feeling overwhelmed, and also offer assistance to your workmates and friends who have been injured.

Contact the SDA office if you are injured at work.


Legal Advice


The SDA’s Solicitors can provide legal advice and assistance to financial members of the Union on all non-industrial matters.

Your first consultation for any legal matter not connected with your work is free of charge - and in many cases, one consultation will resolve your problem. If you need to see the Solicitor again, payment may be required. This will be between you and the Solicitor.

This legal service applies to any legal matter not connected with your work. Industrial matters involving your employment, such as unfair dismissal and underpayment of wages, are handled by experienced Officials in the normal way at no cost to you.

Your Branch Secretary, Barbara Nebart says:

‘Nobody can do their job properly when they are worried about personal or domestic problems. Your Union’s Legal Services Department can give you the peace of mind to make your life easier and happier.’

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